About Us - Meet the Team

Laura Pettifar Designs is a small jewellery design business, run by a silversmith and fused glass artist, who has a love for antique jewellery and pearls. Laura has two very distinct styles of work and focuses on creating statement, vintage, one of a kind necklaces and accessories, alongside her range of fused glass and silver jewellery.


Laura is also a qualified Art teacher who is very interested in photography. She studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the Norwich School of Art and Design, before further studies led her to jewellery design and fused glass art. She designs and creates all of her work from her small studio on the Moray coast in Scotland.


Whatever Laura may be working on, she spends a lot of time over the planning and design process as she wants her pieces to be as beautiful and eye catching as possible. When a lady puts on one of Laura’s necklaces or accessories, she wants them to feel beautiful and confident and to be able to stand up that little bit taller, knowing they are wearing something hand crafted, that quite possibly no-one else will have.


‘I have always loved jewellery, and collecting things. I find myself attracted to pretty, shiny things rather like a magpie, especially if that involves old things that have a history. I used to wish they were able to tell me their stories. (If I'm honest I still do!) I create my statement pieces using antique brooches and mis-matched earrings, which are woven together to create more contemporary pieces of jewellery. Each piece is unique and extremely special. They contain memories and stories from the past and in redesigning them, I feel I am helping to make them ready to create new memories for someone.

My jewellery often incorporates traditional silversmithing techniques with fused glass straight from my kiln, these creations are often inspired by the landscapes that surround me, incorporating the changing seasons and the colour schemes that evolve with them, along with the ever changing weather patterns. I am interested in the patterns that can be created and inclusions that can be added within the layers of the glass, before the fusing process, and how these change after firing.

I believe that the one thing that links my work is the fact that every piece has been inspired by life, and has been designed, not just to be worn, but to be lived.’

Laura Pettifar DesignsAbout Us - Meet the Team